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Do You Need a Reboot? 

The past two years have been an incredibly stressful period. Pandemic restrictions and the wrath of Covid-19 have caused depression, anxiety, mental and physical fatigue, weight gain/loss, and chronic inflammation.  


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Dr. Reedy's Behavioral Health and Wellness Center!

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A visit to the destress room, a body reboot session, and a Photon mat realignment can put your mind, body, and spirit back in alignment with wellness.    

It's time to Reboot

 Start Living Well By Learning How To Live!

Body Reboot

State-of-the-art technology can help you experience a greater quality of life! 

Find Your Chi

In the Destress room, you find your chi and release mental and physical stress. 

Realign the Body's Frequencies

Photon balancing is a safe and effective way to create cellular harmony by helping your cells realign with a healthier frequency. 

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This website is for educational purposes only.  Dr. Reedy’s behavioral health and wellness center is not a medical institution, nor does it provide medical diagnosis and treatment.  The wellness center is a coaching service that provides education on health and wellness.   All medical-related questions should be directed to your primary healthcare provider.

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