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Elaine Reedy, Ph.D.
Dr. Elaine Reedy has a Ph.D. in behavioral health and medicine. She is an entrepreneur with over 40 years of experience. For 35 years she has focused on utilizing state-of-the-art technology to design behavioral health and wellness programs for clients throughout the USA and abroad.


Dr. Reedy is in partnership with Dr. Tommie Richardson, MD. They are co-owners of RNR Nutraceuticals, LLC and Dr. R & R Self-Care master classes and webinars. Together they have worked diligently on developing master classes that coach on maximizing heart health and wellbeing. If you have high blood pressure, uncontrolled hypertension, a family history of heart disease, or have risk factors such as high cholesterol, overweight, diabetic, kidney disease, smoke, or have poor eating habits, we encourage you to subscribe to our heart health master class.  

Dr. Tommie Mack Richardson, MD is a Georgia Board-Certified Physician with over 45 years of experience. Dr. Richardson's areas of specialty are Behavioral Health, Addiction, and Preventive Medicine. His clientele includes entertainers and professional athletes.

Dr. Richardson has a passion for helping patients utilize wellness tools that support disease prevention and natural recovery. Implementing these as pillars of health education can help lower the risk premature deaths.


In collaboration with Dr. Richardson, we developed and offer an online self-care master class that focus on healing a broken heart. This platform offers a deeper dive into how to clinically identify, monitor, and prevent risk factors that break your heart. 

While high blood pressure is a leading contributor to a broken heart and death, people of color have exceedingly higher risk because of healthcare disparities, distrust in the healthcare system, and food deserts in minority communities.  Look for our book, Healing A Broken Heart: A 30-Day Reset for a Healthier Heart.  Although a broken heart is the number one cause of death across both genders, women are not getting the same heart healthcare compared to the care given to men. For more information about R&R Self-Care Healing Broken Hearts virtual subscriptions click the link below.



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