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Building Good Health 
Using Innovations of the Future Today!

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Body Reboot Program

The Body Reboot Program (BRP) changes the way you listen to and care for your body.  In one session, starting from the inside out, you will be on the best wellness path to change the way your body runs.

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How Does It Work?

State-of-the-art technology and personalized coaching are the foundation for building your customized BRP.  Within minutes the computer will give you a comprehensive health and wellness assessment. 

The BRP uses coaching, HeartMath, De-Stress, Hunter, and WebWellness to gather information about your body function and behavior. Data from these sources are used to create a customized wellness program.  

Are you ready for a body reboot?

Reboot Your Body

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404-312-0636 (text line)

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Are you doing all the right things

taking your meds, vitamins,

and eating healthy

but still don't feel well?

Change the way you feel

from the inside out

BRP Helps You Build Resilience

That's Me!

I Need A Reboot

Who Needs a Body Reboot? You Do!

  • chronic stress

  • chronic fatigue

  • high blood pressure

  • high blood sugar

  • anxiety

  • insomnia

  • weight gain

  • inflammation

  • poor circulation, etc.

This website is for educational purposes only.  Dr. Reedy’s behavioral health and wellness center is not a medical institution, nor does it provide medical diagnosis and treatment.  The wellness center is a coaching service that provides education on health and wellness.   All medical-related questions should be directed to your primary healthcare provider.

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