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Eating right for your body chemistry type is simplified with the TMN test.  TMN is a comprehensive assessment of your reaction to 800 foods and non-food items. TMN includes an analysis of how the body uses vitamins and minerals. The TMN analysis can be a stand-alone service or included in our wellness packages. TMN is a great resource when you have issues with digestion and inflammation.  For example, if you react to turmeric and pineapples, your reaction could be related to the body's inability to control inflammation.  If you react to flaxseed, your issue may be how your body processes fiber.

Results are ready for review in 10 to 14 days. More details are in the welcome package. 

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Tropical Leaves

The TMN was very informative. It was similar to how I eat for my blood type.  However,  TMN went beyond by giving me more details on why my body did not metabolize specific foods. 

C. Thompson

Tropical Leaves

The nutritional assessment was awesome. I am from the Caribbeans and it identified fruits and vegetables that are grown in my homeland.  I know now why my stomach bloats after eating some of the foods listed in the TMN.  

J. Sasserman

Tropical Leaves

The TMN was very accurate. I had been taking the dietary supplement called, pine needle.  I started itching and experience constipation.  When I stopped taking  it because my TMN indicated a sensitivity It. the itching stopped as did the constipation.  I recommend TMN to my daughter. I believed it can help her and her family with their food allergies.   

R. Fontain

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